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GPS recommendations?

I have been using a Magellan eXplorist GC for my caching adventures, and I like it, but I've never tried any other kind of GPS. I was thinking of buying my boyfriend a GPS for Christmas in order to encourage him to go caching with me more (when we do go together, we wind up arguing over who gets to control the GPS), and I was going to get him an eXplorist, but some of the reviews I've read say that other brands are better. Do the members of this comm have any recommendations?


I don't have concrete advice for a model to buy -- I haven't kept up with recent GPS receiver models. But here's my must-have list for any GPSr that I would buy for geocaching:
- Topographic maps;
- Electronic compass;
- Color screen;
- Water-proof.

I have a Garmin GPS 60CSx, and I love it.
Seconding the rec for a Garmin 60. Exceptional machine.

I started with a Mag, and after I got my Garmin, I went back to all the caches I'd hidden with the Mag and corrected their coords, usually off by 60+ feet.
I've been quite pleased with my Garmin eTrex 20. I'm now considering upgrading to the eTrex 30 for its built-in compass. Both models use both US and Russian GPS satellites and have high-sensitivity receivers. They're also waterproof.

November 2016

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