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I'm not sure who's still active on here but hello to whoever's reading this.

I only recently begun to get into geocaching, i did it once as a kid and only now i'm starting to get into it. It seems really interesting and cool.

However, i have yet to go geocaching (besides the one time as a kid) though i was supposed to last month. What are a few recommendations when starting out?


I had a hard time finding the first geocache I ever went for, after finding a few others I realised caches could look like anything! I went back to the one I never could find and found it straight away! It was disguised as a bolt.
Some of them are disguised??? Well, i learned something new there. XD
Oh yeah, if you don't know the typical hiding places, you can spend a loooong time looking for a cache that's right under your very nose.
We've had this too, searching a long time for our first cache. Only when another team came along, they pointed out the cache to us. Then we knew what to look for!

So if you have a friendly local geocacher, maybe you can ask to accompany them for a day, so you can learn what to look for?
I don't know any local geocachers but i'll see if i can find any on meetup or something like that.
It won't hurt to go out on your own first -- maybe you can find your first geocache on your own, you don't know before you try! One thing to look out for, if you're caching in the woods, is the 'Unnatural Pile of Sticks'. You can see a good example in this video. Might help you know what you're looking for.
First one I ever found was when I was riding my bike home one night and saw the cache symbol on the map (I'd downloaded a bunch of local caches to my GPS).

I found myself in the middle of a small flowerbed in a park. I was looking around, scratching my head and I suddenly realized that there was one of those round, black plastic drains that you see in some decks and the like.

Thing is, it was at the highest point in the flowerbed. So I took hold of it and it lifted right out. The pipe iyt was in the top of had one of those widemouth hard plastic water bottles in it. Full of stuff.

Sneakiest one I ever found was driving a dozen of us crazy during Portland Cache machine II.

It turned out to be a piece of that magnetic stuff like they make the fridge magnet business cards wit, but a bit larger. The white side was wrapped around a post of a tall cyclone fence between two of the bands holding the fence and a gate. The outside was painted with aluminum paint to match the post. It took something like 20 minutes for someone to spot it.

Pick a few of average size and not marked as difficult. Read the descriptions (including the hints) and go hunting. Once you've found a few you'll start to find the hints unnecessary. Good hunting.
Ah. A simple google search brought up quite a few caches. However, they're mostly across the river (a lot in forest park).

Thanks. I already know of one 10 minutes from my house. Now i gotta find it. :)
Best place to get listings is at

Thanks kengr! So you can download local caches to your GPS? Cool!
Depends on the GPS.

Check out Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK)


If your GPS is supported it';s a wonderful tool.

Sounds cool! :)

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