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cesca50 in geocaching

introducing myself

Last week I discovered Geocaching, and have already been out on two trips already. I live in a major city in Canada, so practically all of my caches will be in the urban jungle. Also I like the idea of the virtual caches as I find it much easier to look for information than it is to look for micro caches.
Anyway, my first trip was a bust. I posted a DNF, but it is a micro and someone else did find it on the same day. So I'm thinking that maybe it was a lot smaller than a film canister? Because that is what I was looking for. I will try again when the weather improves.
My second trip was a success. I found my very first cache. And I got a very pretty provincial souvenir on my GC account page. Mind you, I have no GPS unit, and no cell phone. I used Google maps, Google earth, and I read all the previous logs, looked at all the photos and read the hints before I went.
I'm thinking that maybe I might have to get a GPS unit for my birthday - which is coming up soon.
I have just joined LJ today, so I dont know how busy this community is, but I thought I would introduce myself anyway.


Micros can be much smaller than a film canister. Google "nano cache" to get an idea of how small.

Your method of using Google maps etc. can work well for urban caches. GPS units can be inaccurate if you are in a downtown area with lots of tall buildings. But some of the most fun geocaching is out in the country or in city parks, where a GPS will be very accurate and can help guide you to cache sites.
Some micros will be as small as the top joint of your little finger. These ones are often magnetic.
yay, welcome! i miss geocaching, i've been thinking about it a lot since the weather warmed up a bit. there are some impressively tiny cache containers out there! and some that are just plain creatively camouflaged.
Welcome! My name is the same on geocaching so feel free to friend me if you'd like. :)
I sent you a friend request from Geocaching,

Please be aware that my GC name is different than my name here on LJ.



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