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Mar. 19th, 2012



Battery container advice

I always carry AA batteries around with me for my GPS, my digital camera and my iPod charger. The problem is, I don't know what to store them in. I tend to toss the used ones in the bottom of my purse or backpack till I can either recharge them or dispose of them, but the problem is that when I buy new ones, as soon as I open the package the batteries fall out, and then I don't know which ones are new and which ones are used. Does anyone have advice on a good container for storing batteries?

Second question: have you ever found something unusual (non-cache-related) while out caching? I've discovered a few small, hidden parks that I didn't know existed before, and once I discovered a different type of cache -- a cache of stolen items. There was a pile of iPods, digital cameras, CDs, DVDs, and a few television remote controls(?) all stuffed in a spot in the bushes. I went to try to hunt down a security guard from the nearby museum, but they wouldn't leave the museum and the stuff was gone when I went back.

Jan. 23rd, 2012

little helpers 2


Solar storm could disrupt GPS signals


This article says that a solar storm could disrupt satellite signals for the next coupls of days, including GPS, and some high-frequency radio communications. So be aware of this if you're out caching!

Jan. 21st, 2012



Let's get creative!

I just ordered all of this stuff on Amazon -- I only got this many to get the free shipping, so a lot of them were pretty much free.

Any creative ideas of what to do with this many bison tubes? I don't think I'll ever in my life get around to putting down this many caches.

Also, each of these has the smaller little plastic tubes inside.

Jan. 6th, 2012

Wish Puff


New Geocaching Vlog!

Hi folks. I just posted the first episode of my new geocaching vlog, The Cache Diaries, yesterday. I'd love if some folks visited the video and let me know what they think. I'm hoping to commit to keeping this project going through 2012, but I need some people to actually watch the videos or I'll probably get discouraged. I hope you enjoy!


Jul. 28th, 2011

donna and the doctor


Indoor caches?

I have discovered that in my town there are at least a couple of caches that are, or at least appear to be, indoors. One of them actually requires you to go inside a coffee shop and ask the proprietor where it is. He's the one who actually "hid" the cache. It's sitting on a table in the coffee shop. To me, this is less like geocaching and more about promoting a business and getting people to buy coffee. Is this ethical?

Then there's another one that I'm not sure about, but my GPS keeps pointing at the building and telling me that the cache is 20 to 30 feet away, and that distance would take me inside the building. The building belongs to the Canadian Armed Forces and is open to the public only during specific times. Do people actually hide caches inside buildings? This is a VERY large building (about a square block in size) and I thought that GPS units didn't work indoors.

With both of these caches (assuming the second one is indoors and it's not just my GPS getting confused by all the buildings) you can find the cache only during business hours, which doesn't seem right to me. Not everyone can go out caching between 9 and 5 Monday to Friday. I'm on holiday from my job right now, but when I go back I'll be limited to caching on weekends.

Jul. 20th, 2011

God's Humor


Greetings from Alaska!

Don't suppose there are any other Alaskan cachers here?

Just found this comm, so I thought I'd say hi.
I've been caching on and off since early April. A friend turned me on to it. So far I've found 8 caches- not a lot, I know, but I hunt as my schedule allows, and I've been working without a GPS.
I downloaded the official app today. Think I might go out and try it. I hear it's supposed to work offline, which is good for me because I'm totally reliant on WiFi for internet. No 3G here! ^^;

Anywhoo, I've said my piece, so that's it. If anyone wants to look me up on the website, my username is Runa Roma. Happy caching all! 

Jul. 6th, 2011

unicorn under moon


(no subject)

I have some rechargeable (nickel-metal hydride), but there life is too short, and my Geocashing partner do not like to have to change out the batteries so often. So I end up using alkaline.
I don't know if my charger is a bad one (Energizer universal charger).
Can old alkaline batteries be recycled? I have a lot of old ones.

Jul. 2nd, 2011

Neal hat


Second find and a question

I purchased a Magellan eXplorist GC, and my partner and set out almost immediately and found our second cache. It was one we'd looked for a couple of years ago with a previous GPS, and we hadn't been able to find it. This time I read all the logs beforehand, and I think this GPS worked better at finding it, also.

My question is: how do you choose which caches to look for? There are many caches within a short distance of my home, and I can't decide if I should look for just easy ones or look for slightly harder ones. (The one we found today was two stars rather than one star.) I am reluctant to look for ones in which the first few comments are "couldn't find it."

Jun. 29th, 2011

fishbowl cat


Found it!

After reading all the log entries and all the advice from you guys on this comm, my partner and I returned to Arcadia St. and found the cache. Okay, technically he found it, but with my assistance. I just had eye surgery yesterday, so my vision isn't great, but the item was also quite well camouflaged.
Photographic evidence (no spoilers)Collapse )

My partner and I are going to take a geocaching class together next week, and I hope to purchase a new GPS to go with it.

Jun. 26th, 2011



What am I doing wrong?

I am still very new to the idea of geocaching, but so far I think I'm a big failure at it. I've tried to find two different caches, both rated as "easy" and very close to my home. Both times I wound up with nothing, even though (according to the geocaching website) other people have no problem finding them.

Example: since I don't have a GPS at the moment, I downloaded a free intro geocaching app from geocacing.com. It showed me the location of the cache on a street map. It was at the very end of a certain street. At the end of that street was a small paved area on the edge of an embankment. with trees around. The cache description and hint said not to go over the embankment, and that the cache was at chest height. Well, my partner and I searched every tree and bush that was at chest height, and we didn't go over the embankment, and we found nothing. Nada. Zip. Yet when we checked on the geocaching website, it said that someone had indeed found it today before I went looking, so it must be there somewhere! All the comments on the site said "Easy! Supremely easy! Easiest cache I ever found! Supremely easy!" and things like that.

Now, my eyesight isn't exactly 20/20, but my partner has pretty good eyesight, and all the comments made it sound as if the cache was likely to jump up and smack you in the face as soon as you got anywhere near it.

We also tried a different cache with a GPS, also rated easy, and just as with this one today, absolutely no luck no matter how hard and long we searched. In fact, we tried twice, and still no luck, even though there were plenty of comments from other people who found it.

So with or without GPS, it seems my partner and I must be missing something really essential if neither of us can find something that is supposedly so ridiculously easy to find.

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